Air Compressors

Smart packaging is packaging which goes beyond that of conventional design and functionality to include mechanical, chemical, electrical and electronic features on or in the packaging to counter many needs. These include diagnostics and new merchandising propositions, often where the package becomes part of the product.




We supply air compressors for utility and instrument air systems, as well as emergency back-up systems, pneumatic start, gas turbines, etc… These air compressor packages are strictly manufactured according to client specifications and local regulations.

As an independent engineering concern ERVOR chooses the best solution according to specific client requirements. We either use traditional time proven oil lubricated screw compressors or two stage oil free screw compressors.
Most compressors are electric motor driven however, gas and diesel engine can also be used. Variable speed drive is also available where energy costs are important and need to be strictly monitored.
Compressor power range :

  1. oil-lubricated screw compressors up to 160 kW
  2. oil-free screw compressors up to 175kW
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